polymodal biological sensors

polymodal biological sensors

polymodal biological sensorspolymodal biological sensors

Our interest is R&D of Polymodal Biological Sensor (PBS) Detection and Reporting for Zoonotic Vectors

About Us


Why Global PBS?

 We invented Polymodal Biological Sensor (PBS) technology to provide reliable zoonotic vector  detection and reporting to appropriate parties in the healthcare  industry. Zoonotic vectors are pests ( insects and animals) which carry  diseases that can be transferred to humans. Reducing human suffering is  the  pinnacle goal for PBS technology.  Healthcare markets include  hotels, university, military housing, cruise ships, transit quarters,  hospitals and healthcare recovery facilities, to name a few. In  addition, PBS networks can support global health programs such as the  One Health Initiative (http://www.onehealthinitiative.com/about.php).

PBS  technology also benefits the Ag Biotech industry. High-value assets  such as food crops and stored food products will suffer much less  economic loss when protected by a PBS sensor network. The PBS detection  method offers more accurate pest detection results and near real-time  reporting to pest management professionals (PMP) and other appropriate  parties.

PBS  systems offer continuous electronic monitoring to many industry  sectors.  Forestry and turf grass are further examples of potential  beneficiaries of early detection and reporting of specific pests.


How We Help

We are a US-based collaboration of scientists and researchers in multiple disciplines. We apply the best R&D practices to prototyping PBS detection technology for our customers. Providing polymodal detection networks and reporting detection of each specific pest target is the core competency at  Global PBS™.


Here's the Difference

  All PBS networks (worldwide) report target acquisition data to the Global Learning System (GLS) component of our PBS system for validation and automated reporting. Target pest data is archived along with detection site environmental conditions to be used as benchmarks for future pest detection queries.

Our Services


Commercial Detection of Harmful Pests

Commercial Detection of Harmful Pests

Commercial Detection of Harmful Pests

Commercial application of PBS detection can be applied to many markets around the world. The common thread is ‘early detection and reporting’. Our passion is reduction of human suffering . Therefore, R&D in healthcare markets will occupy a continuous and permanent parallel track with all other development.


Enhancing Existing Systems

Commercial Detection of Harmful Pests

Commercial Detection of Harmful Pests

  PBS systems offer proprietary detection technology along with the option to immediately disperse the preferred pest treatment for the target species. Existing systems used by pest management professionals (PMP) and others can exploit the benefits of PBS technology through strategic partnerships; enhancing operational capabilities to deliver better results to their customers.


Forecasting & Modeling

Commercial Detection of Harmful Pests

Forecasting & Modeling

  When humans are in danger the threat should be addressed as soon as possible - and shared. PBS networks can collect pest detection data from locations around the world in the normal course of business. Therefore, we will become a key asset in support of 1st Responders for imminent threats and potential pandemics.

We plan to provide forecasting and modeling reports of dangerous  pest concentrations and movements to global health organizations and other interested parties.

Proprietary IP

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