About Us


We are a team of US-based entrepreneurs collaborating with engineers and scientists to bring automated pest detection technology to many markets worldwide. The primary benefits of the technology are ‘early warning’ and ‘automated notification’ to a professional pest management (PMP) company.

We invented the Polymodal Biological Sensor (PBS) detection method to notify selected contacts of the presence of a specific pest species for which they can provide remediation for their customers. Monitoring worldwide sensor networks will be performed from a central operations center. An artificial intelligence (AI) based Global Learning System (GLS) component of the PBS system will evaluate raw data and validate detections from the deployed networks. When a target pest is identified the GLS will automatically notify appropriate personnel so they can quickly perform 'spot' pest control measures. This environmentally friendly method eliminates 'random' application of pesticides and greatly reduces the need for 'pre-treatment' on a maintenance schedule.

We plan to deploy the first sensor networks to detect the presence of pests in commercial structures; for example: rodent detection in food service facilities or whole food storage spaces.

Rollout of a second device is already planned for pest detection in the citrus industry. Other industry applications on the horizon include mole cricket detection in turfgrass, mountain pine beetles in northern forests, and several agricultural pests in many places around the world. The most exciting future endeavor for PBS is to be able to notify ‘early responders’ in the healthcare industry of an impending zoonosis threat (disease transmitted from animals to humans).

New Sensor types can be developed and deployed to detect virtually any species.